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I started my interactive media career in 1995 while contracted to provide the soundtrack for an interactive training CD Rom titled "Marriottville" an employee training manual for Marriott Corporation. From that job my desire to pursue a career in Interactive Media was born. Launching a popular website in 1995, I garnered worldwide aFen5on from publications such as Asahi Shimbun in Japan, The Baltimore Sun, The New York Times and even appearing on BET’s Teen Summit.


In 1997 I headed for New York City to begin work at Media Connections of NY where I earned my development chops designing The Boy's Choir of Harlem website and others. Leaving MCNY for Interactive 8. My design work matured and was ready to service major clients such as AT&T, M&M Mars, A&E TV, JVC. For the past 6 years I have been working in the start-up space as a UI/UX designer and social media consultant. Timothy Moore is an award winning freelance digital media developer based in Jersey City, NJ.


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